Realstar Hospitality announces passing of Ron Grant

TORONTO, Ont. — With great pain and sorrow, Realstar Hospitality advises of the recent passing of Ron Grant,...

Choice Hotels Canada “Nudges” its employees

TORONTO — When Choice Hotels Canada wanted reach and engage with front-line workers to communicate its Commitment to Clean program, they used an app developed by Toronto-based Nudge Rewards. 

DESIGN: Harmony Event Centre unveiled

OSHAWA, Ont. — Harmony Convention Centre anchors two Marriott hotels, a Courtyard and a TownePlace Suites. Royal Design was hired by owner Sunray Hotels to design the space so that it could host weddings, conferences, galas, trade shows and meetings.

Saskatchewan Announces $35 M for Tourism

REGINA — On Monday, August 10, the Government of Saskatchewan announced $35 million in support for Saskatchewan’s hard-hit tourism sector. Under the Saskatchewan Tourism Sector Support Program, eligible hospitality and event/attraction operators will be able to apply for a one-time, non-repayable emergency payment.

Keeping Canada well as we reopen

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in mid-March of 2020, Canadians self-isolated in their homes as much as possible in an effort to contain the spread of the virus. We were quickly asked to modify our routines and postpone anything that was non-essential, especially anything that involved close interactions with others. While this isolation along with social distancing and eventually mask wearing ‘flattened the curve’ quite effectively, it had some unintended consequences. Not only did hospitality, retail and other service workers start to become recognized as the essential workers we all knew they were; we also started to see an erosion of the overall mental health and wellbeing of Canadians. Isolation, stress and uncertainty combined with the health threats of COVID-19 all started taking a toll on the Canadian psyche. Could Canada’s Hospitality and Tourism Industry Contribute to Positive Wellbeing? For those of us who have dedicated our careers to the hospitality and tourism industry, it is not hard to understand how profoundly we impact our guests and clients with our service-centred experiences. But has anyone ever aggregated the total number of service interactions Canada’s tourism industry impresses upon the citizens of our nation and of our visitors? And did the isolation orders and social distancing expose just how vital hospitality and tourism experiences are for the positive wellbeing of the people we serve? I believe so. The Basics of Emotional Intelligence Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman defines Emotional Intelligence or EQ as the ability to recognize and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you. People with high levels of EQ understand what their emotions mean and most importantly understand how they impact those around them. You see why this is becoming so critical for service or businesses under pressure. And the most attractive part about EQ is that with training, development and guidance, people can improve the 5 key elements of EQ: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. Incorporating Emotional Intelligence into our Training As we re-open our businesses, let’s not underestimate the impact our workers have on our guests and clients. And let’s not underestimate the toll this pandemic and the return to work has had on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our workforce. So, in an effort to positively contribute to both, perhaps there is a window opening for a more pronounced focus on emotional intelligence within our training environments and the development of emotional and social skills to complement our workforce’s reliance on the occupational skills they’ve acquired over the years.

Colliers Hotel INNvestment report Q2 2020

TORONTO — Colliers documented the industry's collapse and recovery in its Q2 2020 Hotel INNvestment Canada Report. CLN talked to Robin McLuskie about recovery, provincial, international trends and the surprising nature of Q2 transactions.

JRoss Hospitality Recruiters talk mental health

In this time of uncertainty, it’s important to talk about mental health. Initiating an open dialogue within the workplace about this often stigmatized topic can lead to more efficient remedial care and ultimately, prevent the problems from arising. 

COMING EVENTS update August 11, 2020

CANCELLED until next year: Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association/Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority Conference & Trade Show, Prairieland...

WCLC considers hybrid format

TORONTO — Big Picture Conferences are still planning to go ahead with a small version of WCLC in...

AHLA’s Ascend focuses on the economy

The Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association’s (AHLA) Ascend online conference will give hotel industry leaders and investors the data and information they require to inform their business strategy, forecasts, and budgets.