Repurposing hospitality spaces during COVID-19

CANADA — The Vancouver Convention Centre will be used as a hospital; Quebec and Ontario governments are working toward use of hotels as hospitals; and the Canadian Navy is seeking a Halifax hotel to house troops.

Preparing for a post-Coronavirus future

Greg Klassen of Twenty31 Consulting says we are in Phase One of a three-phase process. We don't know when Phase One: Peak COVID-19 will end. We will soon have to rethink what our tourism industry will look like in Phase Two: Immediate Recovery and Phase Three: Longer-Term Recovery.

A Reason for Hope – Tourism 2.0

In spite of the hardships around us all, Joe Baker of Centennial College has never before seen the kinds of unity he is seeing now. Industry and government messages are crystal clear – the tourism industry is vital to the Canadian economy. Vital to the 1.87 million people who rely on it for gainful employment.

Good news stories amid the pandemic

CANADA — Hotels have their windows lit up to form the shape of hearts. Easton's Group has started Project Kindness by delivering excess food from hotels to those in need. And both Accent Inns and Amexon are among the hotels offering free rooms to emergency and health care personnel.

Introducing the Canadian Hotel Advisor Collective

OTTAWA — The Canadian Hotel Advisor Collective has been formed to filter, funnel and direct timely, useful information as a response to the impact of COVID-19 on our industry. CHAC was jointly formed by leading Canadian hotel law firms, real estate, investment and financing companies, and supported by Big Picture Conferences.

STR results for Canada week ending Mar. 26

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Business continuity a critical issue for hotels

By Peter Mitham OTTAWA – Summer travellers typically kick off the summer on May 24, but in many provinces this...

Canada’s hotel industry faces collapse

Canada's hotels became no-go zones within hours of the COVID-19 pandemic declaration. By Peter Mitham

Redesign spices up a heritage hotel

CHIL Interior Design of Vancouver worked within the footprint of the Hotel Belmont's original guest rooms to create a design that...

Cambria Hotels lays groundwork for Canada

Cambria Hotels is an upscale lifestyle brand within the Choice Hotels portfolio, which aims to make "every stay feel like an...