STR results for Canada week ending Apr. 18

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—Showing further COVID-19 impact, the Canadian hotel industry recorded steep year-over-year declines in the three key performance metrics during the week of 12-18 April 2020, according to data from STR.

How Niagara’s Heart of Hope campaign began

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. — Niagara Falls was one of the first and most visible cities to promote Hearts of Hope, where hotels in the city lit up with valentines to encourage front line workers and everyone else affected by COVID-19. CLN spoke to Patrick Regina, area GM for Marriott Hotels about the campaign, which has now spread across the country.

How’s business in hotels across Canada?

An Ottawa hotelier predicts that many Ottawa hotels could remain closed. Quality Suites Laval houses mental health and palliative patients. How Edmonton hotels are hurting. Winnipeg hotels step up to the plate. Brandon property houses the homeless. Food bank in an Alberta hotel room. Saskatchewan hotels support truckers.

Coast to coast, associations work for members

Jeff Guignard of ABLE BC can't visit members as he usually does in spring and summer; he's come up with Virtual Happy Hours to help connect. Everyone is looking to Saskatchewan as the first province to loosen regulations. And on the east coast, Steve Denty of HNL ensures his members have a big voice in what the recovery will look like.

From bad to worse, Alberta hoteliers persevere

EDMONTON — During a week when oil prices plummeted into negative territory and Calgary cancelled this year's iconic stampede, CLN spoke with Dave Kaiser, president and CEO of the Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association, about the situation in the province now that COVID-19 has devastated an economy that was already reeling from a number of years of low oil prices.

Susie Grynol speaks out on COVID-19

Susie Grynol. As president and CEO of the Hotel Association of Canada, Susie Grynol is at the eye...

How New Castle is responding to the pandemic

Brothers Jeremy (left) and Julian Buffam are both partners at New Castle Hotels & Resorts. Photo-Meghan Tansey Whitton.

Social distancing a chance to rethink service delivery

Once hotels start to resume operations, they may want to rethink service delivery, notes Peter Mitham. This could mean leveraging technology to limit face-to-face interactions with guests, or reducing seat counts in breakfast areas, lounges and restaurants to prevent the potential for disease to spread.  

Standard protocols essential during pandemic

NEW YORK — Most hotels don’t have a playbook for how to pause operations or recommission properties after a partial or temporary closure. An operating platform called Alice offers ways to bring order and standardization to hotel operations. And there's a free version to help hotels cope with COVID-19.

Ingrid Jarrett reports from BCHA

Canadian Lodging News interviewed Ingrid Jarrett, president and CEO of the British Columbia Hotel Association about the COVID-19 pandemic. "Not one area in British Columbia has been left unscathed by Covid-19," she told CLN. "Our city centres are empty – our rural highways are empty – and hotels around the province are open to support the supply chain, essential workers and returning Canadians to ensure isolation is available.