From This Rock and other Newfoundland culinary happenings

Building on the success of last year's program, top chefs from Newfoundland and Labrador will present their inventive interpretations of locally grown and raised food at six locations around the province this month in the From This Rock. The culinary tour is presented by the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (RANL) and The Chef's Association with support from the provincial government.

The culinary tour consists of five-course dinners and cocktail starting at 6:00 p.m.. Date and locations are as follows:

October 17th – Stephenville, Day's Inn, (709) 643-6666
October 19th – Corner Brook, Greenwood Inn, (709) 634-5381
October 21st – GFW, Mount Peyton Hotel, (709) 489-2251
October 23rd – Twillingate, Anchor Inn Hotel, (709) 884-2777
October 25th – Clarenville, St. Jude Hotel, 709) 466-1717
October 27th – Harbour Grace, Harbour Breeze, (709) 765-8483Sean Majumder

Sean Majumder

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Check out information for the From This Rock Finale Dinner on
October 29th at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland at Hosted by Sean Majumder and featuring the Restaurant Hall of Fame Awards, this event will consist of eight courses by eight of the province's top chefs.

Roots, Rants and Roars

In other Newfoundland chef news, Roary MacPherson of the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland, led a team at the 2013 Roots , Rants and Roars event  in Elliston Newfoundland the weekend of Sept. 20-21. Billed as “A regional celebration of the natural gifts of Newfoundland & Labrador Food Culture, Land & Sea,” it was a terrific event, MacPherson reported to ARN.

MacPherson was the co-winner of the king of Cod Competition. His team (shown above) consisted of Angie Ryan, Thomas Canning, and Jillian Lake.

Canadian Thanksgiving at Fogo Island Inn

Six of Newfoundland's leading chefs will be gathering for a Thanksgiving celebration at the Fogo Island Inn, Oct. 11 to Oct. 14.

Joining Fogo Island Inn's own chef Murray McDonald, will be Chef Todd Perrin, Mallard Cottage; chef Jeremy Charles, Raymond's Restaurant; chef Roary Macpherson, Sheraton Hotel and chefs Michelle LeBlanc and Shaun Hussey of Chinched Bistro.

The Chefs on the Edge Thanksgiving Weekend celebrates Newfoundland and Labrador ingredients as well as some more locally foraged, fished, hunted and grown delicacies from the rugged 260 square kilometres of Fogo Island.  These upcoming mid-October days herald the approaching close of 'Berry Season', the  most bountiful of the island's seven seasons. Guests of Fogo Island Inn will have the opportunity to experience the old ways and the new ways that have emerged on the island through the fishery, foraging, art, architecture, design and food.