Humour adds to hotel’s appeal

When my husband Steve and I attended the Travelodge conference in Kelowna last fall, we registered too late to stay at the host hotel, the Coast Capri, and opted for the Accent Inn across the street.

Nothing fancy, nothing expensive.  Just a well-kept hotel with exterior corridors — and proof that attitude is everything!

My first contact with the hotel was a phone call letting me know that I had accidentally booked a week earlier than I should have. No charge for the no-show. Just a cheerful offer to book my stay for the proper dates.

At the front desk, they remembered my call and laughed about it.

So far so good!

Then we went to the room — again, not fancy but very comfortable. 

I smiled at our keycard — it said “All our key cards come with secret powers.” 

Once in the room, I noticed the rubber duck sitting on the bathtub wearing a bicycle helmet. Over the next few days the duck migrated — it sat atop the towels one day. And yes, the duck was for guests to take home

“Don’t forget to steal the pen,” read the notepad on our night table.  Then in smaller print, “don’t worry, the pen is our gift to you.”

“Okay, who packed?” read a sign by the sink. “Or more accurately who didn’t pack?” The sign went on to say that toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors and shaving cream were available at the front desk at no charge.

I laughed at the “do not disturb” sign. “Don’t even think about it, I’m busy,” it read. Instead of asking for the room to be made up, the flip side of the sign asks the housekeeper to keep an eye out for your lost sock.

I’ve met Accent Inns president Mandy Farmer, and know some of these comedic touches reflect her sense of humour.

Thanks, Accent Inn. We enjoyed our stay and the hotel signage provided great fodder for conversation during our stay in Kelowna.

— Colleen Isherwood, Editor