$90,000 for Humber on GTHA's 90th Anniversary

From left: Ramesh Srinivasan and Susan Somerville of Humber College with GTHA president and CEO Terry Mundell.

From left: Ramesh Srinivasan and Susan Somerville of Humber College with GTHA president and CEO Terry Mundell.

TORONTO — The Greater Toronto Hotel Association donated $90,000 to Humber College to start a new management program aimed at middle managers during the celebration of its 90th anniversary earlier this month at the Radisson Admiral hotel on Toronto's waterfront.

“The Greater Toronto Hotel Association/ Humber
College Management Leadership Program … is new program which aims at filling the gap in
middle-management in the hotel community by offering high-level hospitality
management training to the current ‘middle-management’ employees and
‘internationally-trained’ professionals in the GTA; a gap which has been
identified in our industry,” said GTHA chair David Kelley.

Somerville, dean of Humber's School of Hospitality, Recreation &
Tourism and Ramesh
Srinivasan, professor/program coordinator at Humber
College, were on hand to accept the award.

Kelley also gave a picture of what Canada was like 90 years ago, as he welcomed  delegates to the anniversary celebration. The date was May 5th, the year was 1925.
What was life like in Canada back then? 
Our Prime Minister was William Lyon
Mackenzie King. 
Our governor general was Viscount Byng of
There were just over 9 million
Canadians living in our nine
 provinces and 47 per cent of us were still
living in rural areas. The a
verage hourly wage was 78 cents. Life expectancy was 60 years old. We had 60 radio stations and zero television
We were listening to the top hits of ’25
that included Sweet Georgia Brown, The Prisoner’s Song and Tea for Two. 
Speaking of prisoners, there were 54 murder
charges, 355 drug offences and 6 executions in Canada that year.

“The Toronto Hotel Association has been called many
things over the past 90 years; we recall most of them to be
positive,” Kelley noted. “Today, beverage alcohol, figures prominently in the association, in
fact during the early 1940s, when we were called The Association of Hotel
Toronto Proprietors, it faced a competing group over differences of opinion
around the sale and service of beverage alcohol.  Needless to say we were for it! I’m sure
today we can agree the association has made the right decision on beverage

Following the meeting, delegates adjourned to the rooftop patio for networking, a huge variety of food, cake and champagne.