CGLCC/THRC offer free LGBT + Inclusion Training

TORONTO — CGLCC, Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Tourism HR Canada (THRC), will be conducting LGBT+ Inclusion Training sessions for the tourism industry throughout the month of March, 2019.

Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Tourism HR Canada (THRC), will be
conducting free LGBT+ Inclusion Training sessions for the
tourism industry throughout the month of March, 2019.

The Canadian Federal Government is committed to supporting Canada’s tourism industry in becoming LGBT+ market-ready and in promoting Canada’s destinations and tourism products to the LGBT+ travel market internationally.  

CGLCC’s LGBT+ Inclusion Training for the Tourism Industry helps tourism-based businesses learn about LGBT+ inclusion and how to effectively understand, value, and serve LGBT+ customers. It also deals with how to understand, value and serve LGBT employees.  

Sessions include both an online module and a four-hour in-person workshop. The online training is available prior to the sessions, and provides information to set the foundation for the workshops. Subjects include language, Canadian laws, etc. 

Darrell Schuurman.

Darrell Schuurman.

“This allows participants to come in with a little bit of a foundation, enabling rich conversation,” said Darrell Schuurman, co-founder and CEO of CGLCC. “The workshop is active and participatory — it's about furthering participant understanding of LGBT inclusion and why it is important. It's a safe space, and we want people to have those conversations and address concerns or questions.”

Thanks to the support of the federal government, CGLCC is offering the training to industry stakeholders for free (regular $234.95 per participant).

“Thanks for the THRC and the government, we are able to deliver these sessions across the country, almost coast to coast to coast,” said Schuurman. “We are open to any sector within tourism — accommodation, attractions and food and beverage.” 

Sessions have already been held in Quebec City, March 4; Comox Valley, March 4; Victoria, March 5; Winnipeg March 5 & 6; Fredericton, March 5; Halifax, March 6 & 7; Saskatoon, March 7 & 8; and Yellowknife, March 12. Others will be held in Kelowna, March 13; Windsor, March 18 & 19; and Charlottetown, March 20.

If these dates don't work, the sessions are still available at the regular price by contacting CGLCC.

The global LGBT+ travel
market is valued at more than US$200B annually.  Canadian destinations are
well positioned to grow their share of this market.  But in order to
be successful, destinations and operators must ensure that LGBT+ customers feel
welcome and accepted, and are served in a way that exceeds their expectations.

For more information,
please contact, visit the website at, or
reach out to Darrell Schuurman directly at 416-761-5156.