Crowne Plaza introduces ‘nextgen’ guestroom

An angled bed is a distinguishing feature of the new Crowne Plaza guestroom.

An angled bed is a distinguishing feature of the new Crowne Plaza guestroom.

LAS VEGAS—Crowne Plaza introduced its new generation of
guestroom at the IHG Amercas Conference in Las Vegas in late October. The brand is
looking to make business travel work for their guests with digital,
flexibility, mobile and connectedness all part of the mix.

Given a 24/7, “always on,” hectic pace, modern
business travellers are looking for a peaceful environment where they can be
productive, without necessarily feeling like they are working. As more
millennials enter the workforce, they also expect their office to be wherever
they want, demonstrating a need for connectivity. And, all modern business
travellers want to be able to recharge and revitalize – setting themselves up
for success.

Brand experience director of Crowne Plaza Hotels & resorts Carol Heller told delegates attending a session on
Crowne Plaza that the fitness centre and guestrooms, will be the focus of renovations at Crowne Plaza.

The new fitness centre standards will be available next
year, and compliance is expected by the end of 2015.

“Guests tell us that we need new fitness centres that are
consistent across the brand,” Heller noted.  IHG used its experience with EVEN, its lifestyle brand, to
develop the fitness centre. Research showed that 20 to 40 minutes was the perfect high performance
workout for Crowne Plaza guests, and the guests specified what
equipment they want. A typical guest would focus on 60 per cent cardio and 40
per cent free weights workout.

Guestroom designs, particularly the placement of the bed,
have remained virtually unchanged for the last 60 years, since standardized
guest room dimensions were introduced by Kemmons Wilson, founder of the Holiday
Inn brand. The new Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts guestroom
introduces an angled bed design that makes the room look bigger. The bed has an
insulated headboard to reduce noise levels. There’s a nook with a curved couch,
so that guests can invite company into the room. There’s a formal desk that’s
free of clutter, and numerous power outlets around the room.

The new Crowne Plaza guestroom, dubbed The Biz Pro Room, was
designed by the global brand design team and has tested as a big winner with

“It’s very different and it’s a meaningful differentiator,”
said Heller. “Crowne Plaza guests want a room that will make them productive
and restored for the day, and the ultimate feedback is that they are more
likely to talk about, book, and pay a premium for this type of room,” Heller
added. Seventy-four per cent of those surveyed said they would pay more for the

The new guestroom will launch in the Americas region in 2015 at the Crowne
Plaza Atlanta Midtown and with early adopters. As one of the world’s fastest
growing upscale brands, there is also a clear opportunity for a global rollout
in the near future.