Demo site sought for Four Seasons Pavilion

Egon von Foidl, president and CEO of HRG International, has brought the Four Seasons Pavilion to to the North American and Caribbean markets and looking for a demonstration site at no cost to the owner.

TORONTO—The Four Seasons Pavilion (FSP) is more durable than a marquee tent and less costly than a custom-designed structure. It’s been used in cold countries like Germany and hot countries like Spain. Current installations permanently or temporarily cater to restaurants, hotels, resorts, golf clubs, special events, spas or trade shows. It is used in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia as cafes, ice cream parlors, bars, stores or exhibition space for promotional purposes.

Egon von Foidl, president and CEO of HRG International, has now brought it to the North American and Caribbean markets. He’s also looking for a place to demonstrate the Four Seasons Pavilion at no cost to the site owner.
“The pavilion is so applicable to the multiple facets of the industry because it is mobile as well as permanent,” said von Foidl, a hotel veteran who has managed and developed Taboo Resort in Muskoka and The Aerie on Vancouver Island.

Fine dining.

Fine dining.

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“It allows people who do not have a lot of capital to open a restaurant or an ice cream store. It is perfect for wine tastings or delis. There is even a pavilion in Switzerland 3,000 metres above sea level on top of a mountain, where skiers can have a beer before they ski down the hill.”

Wine store and deli.

Wine store and deli.

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Launched a decade ago and manufactured in Poland, the pre-fabricated architectural structure  is designed to be either permanent or temporary. It only takes about four working days to set up the 12-metre diameter pavilions, and less than four days to set up the nine-metre diameter panoramic pavilion.

FSP meets all codes for Spain’s hot terrains, Germany’s Structural Codes, and requirements for cold climates in the Swiss Alps, as well as Korea and Australia’s outback.

FSP applications include VIP lounge areas, beachfront pavilions, rooftop gazebos, golf club ninth hole F&B facilities, product showrooms and entertainment hubs.

The net price of the nine-metre pavilion is $85,549, and includes the wooden frame with curved glue-laminated arches, the main entry, the emergency exit, windows, gas springs in each window, window handles, the multi-wall polycarbonate ceiling, the PCV tarpaulin roof and the floor. The net price for the 12-metre pavilion is $105,549.

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