Hotels coming to Suburbia and Small-Town Ontario

Chamberlain Architect Services Ltd. is involved with many hotels in suburbia or small-town Ontario. Smaller communities appreciate the benefits branded hotels will bring.

By Michele Camacho

Adrian Mauro, president of Chamberlain.

Adrian Mauro, president of Chamberlain.

BURLINGTON, Ont. — Within the past two
years, Chamberlain Architect Services Limited has been involved in the planning and development of many
hotels in suburbia and small-town Ontario. Towns and villages that were
previously thought too small to sustain branded hotels are excited about the
tourism and business benefits that these hotels will help create and maintain.

There are both
advantages and challenges when designing and constructing hotels in outlying or
smaller communities.

Generally speaking,
the citizens and officials see the benefits a new hotel will bring to their
community. Having nearby accommodation for business people, visiting sports
teams, out-of-town wedding guests, or just visiting family members where little
existed before is a big deal.

The people are
friendly, approvals are timely, and development charges are lower or, even in
some cases, non-existent.

Adrian Mauro, president of Chamberlain, says that the biggest challenge faced is typically the availability of experienced trade contractors. As with
any building type, trade contractors that regularly work on hotel projects
develop a higher level of skill and expertise in the installation and
construction of certain components for hotels, e.g. electrical and mechanical systems,
finishes, etc. So, in many cases, these trades have to be brought in from
out-of-town. The resulting cost for their travel and accommodation will add to
the overall cost of the project.

Pre-fabricated building systems.

Pre-fabricated building systems.

One of the ways
that Chamberlain addresses this challenge is through the use of pre-fabricated
building systems which are assembled rather than constructed on site. This is a
very effective solution that delivers the consistent quality requirements that
are integral to a branded hotel.

Depending on how far
north you go, the weather can also pose a problem, so it is necessary to stage
construction so that all exterior work is completed before or after the winter

Locations of Chamberlain hotel projects in small-town Ontario.

Locations of Chamberlain hotel projects in small-town Ontario.

For people to visit,
they have to have a place to stay. In many of these locations, the options were
limited.  These new hotels will create
all kinds of opportunities to explore wonderful areas, some of which have been
well-kept secrets.

Comfort Inn & Suites, Kemptville,
Ont. – Population 3,911

Since the early
1800’s, Kemptville was the centre of commerce and activity within North
Grenville and the surrounding areas. Located approximately 56 km south of
Ottawa and 2-3 km south of the Rideau River, it is one of Eastern Ontario’s
fastest growing communities. The Rideau Canal which dates back to 1826 and is a
world heritage site, runs through Kemptville.

Construction documents
have been completed for this 4-storey, 74-suite hotel.

Comfort Inn & Suites, Carleton
Place, Ont. – Population 10,644

Approximately 46 kms
west of Ottawa, this small-town jewel in the Ottawa Valley, Lanark County,
perches on the stunning Mississippi waterway where the Mississippi River meets
the Mississippi Lake. Lanark County is the Maple Syrup Capital of Ontario.

Carleton Place is the
home of the Original Maple Bat Corporation producing Sam Bats made from maple
and sold to every baseball team in the major league.  The Sam Bat’s “Rideau Crusher” was used by
Barry Bonds to achieve seasonal and career home run records.

documents are underway for this 4-storey, 74-suite hotel.

Comfort Inn & Suites, Goderich Ont. – Population

The Square, Goderich, Ont.

The Square, Goderich, Ont.

Located in Huron
County on the Eastern shore of Lake Huron at the mouth of the Maitland River,
Goderich faces the lake to the west and is notable for its amazing
sunsets.  Goderich’s downtown has an
octagonal traffic circle known as “The Square”, the radial composition of which
was inspired by ancient Roman city plans. The Square was formally listed in the
Register of Historic Places by the Government of Canada in May 2007.

The salt mining
industry in Goderich is one of the oldest in Ontario. In 1866, petroleum
exploration crews found a massive ancient salt deposit about 300 metres under
the surface. Just over 50 years ago, harvesting of the salt began and continues
today by Sifto Canada. The mine extends under Lake Huron and is the largest
underground salt mine in the world.

More gruesome but
also of interest in Goderich is the Huron Historic Gaol, a National Historic
Site of Canada. This was the site of the last public hanging in Canada.

This 4-storey,
60-room hotel is currently under construction.

Hampton Inn & Suites, Brockville, Ont. – Population 21,854

Brockville is a
City in Eastern Ontario in the heart of the Thousand Islands on the St.
Lawrence River. Formerly known as Elizabethtown, this beautiful, historic
waterfront city combines hometown charm with all of the services and amenities
found in the larger community centres. One of the most picturesque areas in the
world, Brockville is host to countless festivals, events, and fun activities
for visitors to enjoy.

This 4-storey,
80-room hotel is currently under construction.

Hampton Inn & Suites, Midland, Ont. – Population 16,864

Midland is home to tourist attractions including the S.S. Keewatin, the last passenger steamship of its kind.

Midland is home to tourist attractions including the S.S. Keewatin, the last passenger steamship of its kind.

Midland is a town
located on Georgian Bay in Simcoe County. Situated at the southern end of
Georgian Bay’s picturesque 30,000 islands, Midland is the economic centre of
the region. This culturally-rich town offers an abundance of things to see and
do including the Jesuit Mission of Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, Wye Marsh,
and the S.S. Keewatin – the last Edwardian passenger steamship of its type in
the world and five years older than the Titanic. Commissioned in 1907, she is
now a Maritime Museum and a treasured piece of Canadian history.

This 4-storey,
80-room hotel is currently in the Site Plan Application stage.

Comfort Inn & Suites, Cochrane, Ont. –
Population 5,321

Cochrane, Ont. is home of The Polar Bear Express.

Cochrane, Ont. is home of The Polar Bear Express.

Cochrane is a town
in northeastern Ontario, east of Kapuskasing, northeast of Timmins, south of
Moosonee, and north of Iroquois Falls. The seat of the Cochrane District, it is
the home of the Polar Bear Express. A commuter train between the remote
communities of the north and the highway access to the south, it is also a
reminder of how integral the railroad and train travel were to building Canada
from sea to sea. Other notable destinations are the Polar Bear Habitat, the
Heritage Village, the Vintage Snowmobile Museum and the Tim Horton Museum.

Design is just
starting on this 3-storey, 60-room hotel.

Comfort Inn & Suites, Napanee, Ont. –
Population 15,892

Last year's groundbreaking for the Napanee Comfort Inn & Suites.

Last year's groundbreaking for the Napanee Comfort Inn & Suites.

Greater Napanee is
a town in southeastern Ontario, 45 kms west of Kingston and located at the
eastern end of the Bay of Quinte. Canadian singer, songwriter and actress,
Avril Lavigne, was born in Napanee.  She
has 8 Grammy nominations, 7 Juno awards, and sales of over 30 million albums

Napanee is also the
home of the Canadian Piano
Museum which
celebrates the piano and organ industries which once flourished in Canada. It
is a hands-on museum. Anyone who plays and knows how to respect the instrument
can try out the many pianos and organs in the collection. The library contains
hundreds of music books and sheet music samples going back to the mid

This 3-storey, 66-room
hotel is currently under construction by Chamberlain. It was designed by
Shoalts and Zaback Architects Ltd. in Kingston.

Michele Camacho is marketing director at Chamberlain Architect Services. Chamberlain is Winner of a Hotelier Pinnacle Award for
Supplier of the Year to the Hotel Industry, and has over 150 hotel
projects in their portfolio.

Note: Population numbers as per 2016 census.