Just the Lodge at SookePoint is for sale

SOOKE, B.C. — An article in Canadian Lodging News April 2016 issue indicated erroneously that the whole SookePoint Resort is for sale. In reality, only the Lodge at Seaspray Cove is available for sale.

“The Lodge site, which we are prepared to sell or joint-venture is in the oceanfront area surrounding Seaspray Cove, right on Orca Alley,” SookePoint founder Michael Thornton explained to Canadian Lodging News, referring to the site map shown above. “We are not now nor have ever had the entire SookePoint Ocean Cottage Resort for sale. We are not bulk selling any of the Ocean Cottage & Suite sites nor the entire Village area, although we are certainly open to all kinds of creative ideas to design these for mutual benefit.”

Thornton noted that there are significant economies of scale for any future participant, because all of the red dots in Ocean Cottage sites 1 through 51 are sold. “Each dot represents a single suite, and we have now pre-sold more than 80 Ocean Cottages and Suites, most of which are 2-bedroom models, with the smaller rectangles being 1-bedroom per floor.

“This means that Lodge may already soon be able to manage about 150 beds that are entirely on consignment, with no capital costs or fixed overhead, just a healthy percentage of room rental revenue.

“I believe that as we continue to grow the Ocean Cottage Resort, the opportunity for a Lodge participant will eventually be too good to resist.”

For more information contact Michael Thornton.

Canadian Lodging News regrets the error.