Kitchener Crowne Plaza revamped

KITCHENER, ON—The Kitchener Crowne Plaza has undergone a transformation with rooms completely gutted and redesigned.

General manager Yari Kahn told CLN the renovations cost more than $12 million to complete.

“It just gives an impact to people that have been accustomed to coming through here. Change really has happened, quite an extensive change,” Khan said.



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The property is divided into two connected buildings: the Courtyard building has 127 rooms, primarily queen-queens; and the Executive Tower has 74 rooms, primarily kings.

Every one of the 201 rooms comes with a fridge, microwave, hairdryer, cordless phones, extra pillows and vanity mirror.

Directional lights are mounted on the headboard alongside outlets for laptops or smartphone charging.

“We wanted to make this a smart room too,” Khan said, pointing to HDMI connections into the TV for streaming from laptops. Khan added the hotel would not sell movies through the television and that customers could rent movies through Netflix on the room’s TV or via a laptop.

A sofa bed in every room can fold out to act as a bed to give more versatility to room booking.

All of the rooms are smoke-free and have a space-saving sliding door to the washrooms. Luggage racks and extra pillows are in the main closet space with feather down pillows available on request.

The elevators and the hallways have also been renovated. New way-finding signs have been created to help guests around the building.

“We’re going to be a hotel that allows people to come out of their corporate meetings,” Khan said. “Obviously the Kitchener market needs something like this.”

The hotel wore the Delta flag until the end of May 2013, when the renovations went into full swing. During the bulk of the work, the hotel stayed open under the independent brand Kitchener Waterloo Hotel and Convention Centre.

“Once you shut down the doors on a hotel it is very hard to get momentum back up,” Khan said.

The main lobby is scheduled to open in early July and the restaurant and lounge are set to open by the end of August.

The hotel includes a family-friendly area with an arcade, mini-golf and a bowling lane.

A brand new Crowne Plaza façade was added in May and a grand opening will be held later this year.