LGBT Tourism Awards accepting submissions

TORONTO — Travel Gay Canada is accepting submissions for the 2017 LGBT Tourism Marketing Awards, it was announced

TORONTO — Travel Gay Canada is accepting submissions for the 2017 LGBT Tourism Marketing Awards, it was announced last month. 

Marketing Campaigns and Editorial must have taken place in 2016.

Awards will be awarded in each of the following four categories:

Category 1: Destination Marketing or Provincial Marketing Associations.

a. Best LGBT destination marketing campaign.

Category 2: Tourism business, including accommodations, transportation, and attractions.

a. Best campaign or ad in each of three sub-categories:

i. Accommodations.

ii. Transportation.

iii. Attractions.

Category 3: Journalism.

a. Best LGBT Focused Travel Story.

Category 4 – Photography.

a. Best photograph depicting LGBT Tourism.

For categories 1 and 2: Awards will be given for the marketing campaign that is judged to have best furthered the LGBT marketing goals of the sponsoring organization or brand. Judges will take into account three aspects:

LGBT Strategy – insights, channel selection, target, goals, etc.

Advertising – creativity, originality, interest and branding.

Results – the effect of the advertising on the sponsor’s business either directly or via social media amplification.

Submission Requirements Categories 1 & 2:

1. Overview of the campaign.

2. List Marketing objectives.

3. Details of the campaign, print, digital or both did it include social media.

4. Purpose of the marketing campaign i.e. an event, promotion.

5. How long was the campaign and dates.

6. Must submit copies of all creative.

7. What were the results.

For category 3: Award will be given to the best LGBT Focused Travel Story published in print or digital. Judges will take into account:

Interest and engagement, including the story, images.

Degree of import to furthering the cause of LGBT travel.

Response from readers, viewers, listeners, etc. directly or on social media.

Value/Reach of Publication.

Submission Qualifications:

1. Must have been LGBT Travel Focused and have been developed in Canada by Canadian based brand or agency.

2. Must have been published in 2016.

Submission Requirements Category 3 & 4:

1. Copies of published editorial along with any imagery used.

2. Value/Reach of the publication.

3. Photography Depicting LGBT Travel.

4. Must have occurred in 2016.

All Travel Gay Canada members in good standing may submit entries.

Deadline for submissions is midnight, April 14. Winners will be notified April 19 and announced April 22. Awards will be presented on April 27. 

Send entries to:

Alternatively, entries can be mailed to: Travel Gay Canada,

77 Maitland Place, Suite 1705, Toronto, ON M4Y 2V6

For more information, call 416-761-5121.