Marriotts spook travellers this Halloween

Marriott has put together a list of the top 11 Spooky places in Canada. From Dining with the Dead at the Toronto Marriott Downtown to the Delta Bessborough's ghost, here's where there's haunting this Halloween.

Frank, Alta.

Frank, Alta.

With the spooky season upon us and Halloween around the corner Canada has an incredible haunted past that is worth visiting for a weekend getaway. No matter where you are in Canada you can explore Canada’s top ten haunted locations. Marriott has put together a list of the top 11 Spooky locations in Canada, along with the nearest Marriott hotel. From Dining with he Dead at the Toronto Marriott Downtown to the Delta Bessborough's ghost, here's where there's haunting this Halloween.  

Dine with The Dead: Spend a weekend in Toronto exploring the fun city sites. Stay at the Toronto Marriott Downtown and dine with the dead at the Keg Mansion. Once the private residence of industrialist, Hart Massey and his family, The Keg Mansion is now home to hundreds of visitors a day – some of whom may not come from the land of the living.

Blue Ghost Tunnel.

Blue Ghost Tunnel.

Blue Ghost Tunnel: The wonderful town of St. Catherine’s Ontario is visited by many wine enthusiasts but it’s not known for its spooky past. Near the downtown area of St. Catherine’s stands the Blue Ghost Tunnel. The Blue Ghost tunnel is a 655-foot-long railway that was only used for thirty-nine years as it was the scene of many accidents. Explore Ontario’s’ haunted wine county and stay at the Courtyard by Marriott Niagara Falls

Behind Bars: The capital of Canada is home to more than its political figures. Ottawa turned an old jail into a hostel in 1972, a century after it was closed. Ottawa’s Jail Hostel opened in 1973 as a place for budget travellers to stay. The jail was the site of three executions all by hanging including the legendary execution of Patrick J. Whelan who assassinated one of Canada’s Fathers of Confederation, Thomas D’Arcy McGee. Explore apart of Canada’s haunted capital and stay at the Westin Ottawa.

The Battle: Delve into some history and explore the old and historic Quebec City. Stay near old town at Quebec City Marriott Downtown. The battle of the Plains of Abraham is a monumental part of Canadian history and one to be remembered. In 1759, Major James Wolfe and a British solider staged a three-month siege of Quebec City against the French. There have also been claims of seeing the ghost of Major James Wolfe and General Louis Joseph de Montcalm wandering the Plains.

Frank, AB: In 1903, the small town of Frank Alberta, 82-million tonnes of rock broke free from a mountainside. It buried the town in rubble, and killed 70 to 90 of its townspeople. Stay at the Calgary Marriott Downtown hotel and explore the small town of Frank Alberta. 

Spooky Spoons: Explore the beautiful west coast and enjoy a bowl full of spookiness at the Old Spaghetti factory in Vancouver. Experience mysterious cold drafts and rearranged table settings are the ghosts tell tail tricks. Stay are the JW Parq Vancouver or the Westin Bayshore.

Mirrored Museum: Victoria B.C. is known as a place for the “newly-wed” and the “nearly-dead”. Located in Bastion Square is the Maritime Museum, which was once known as the site of the city’s jail and gallows. Some have said that if you look through the window of the museum you will see a slender figure with a Van Dyke beard. The ghost is thought to be Sir Matthew Baillie Bedbie who is known as Victoria’s infamous ‘hanging judge. While visiting stay at the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour.

Hidden History: Regina’s government has a hidden history and a spooky past. In 1891 The Government House was completed and has since been reported to be the site of several hauntings over the year. St. Louis Saskatchewan is home to an abandoned railway and is only a mere two-hours from Regina. Some believe it is a ghost train, while others believe it is the light from the lantern of a ghostly brakeman who was beheaded by a train. Explore Saskatchewan’s spookiness and stay at Delta Hotels by Marriot Regina.

Delta Bessborough.

Delta Bessborough.

Paris of PrairiesThe Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon that is also known as the Paris of the Prairies was built in 1928 and completed in 1932. The hotel has a permanent guest that has been known to wander the hotel on occasion. He is an older ghost that has been seem wearing a grey suit and fedora. Visit the stunning area of Saskatoon and stay or wander the Delta Bessborough hotel in the evening and you may come across a friendly face.

Captain Holland: Prince Edward Island is a serene site of beaches and rolling green hills, some might even call the island mysteriously beautiful. Holland Cove is the site of a devastating tragedy. It’s where the first set of white Dutch settlers ventured to in 1764. One evening Captain Holland went on an expedition that took longer than expected and his wife (Racine) ventured out on the ice to find him. The ice was to thin and Racine fell through and drowned. Every year at high tide in Holland’s Cove, Racine makes and appearance near where she drowned. While exploring the haunted county stay at Delta Hotels by Marriott Prince Edward.

Peggy’s Past: Off the coast of Halifax there is a small cove that is now a popular tourist destination but many don’t know why is called Peggy’s Cove. A local legend tells the story of a resident named Margret (nicknamed Peggy) who settled in the cove after surviving a shipwreck that her children did not survive. Explore the east coasts beauty and stay at Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel