Novotel introduces Play to its lobbies

Novotel is introducing

Novotel is introducing “Play” to its lobbies as part of the Web 3.0 hotel experience. Better than an in-room iPad, it consists of 40-inch digital tables that are fully interactive, fun and educational, according to parent company Accor's VP of consumer technology David Esseryk.<

David Esseryk


David Esseryk

“Novotel has a tradition of innovation for almost 40 years. We try to have the best technology that is both affordable and usable. People have iPads at home, but this is a huge tablet, not like the ones they have at home,” Paris-based Esseryk told CLN.

The new system replaces the X-box, which was very successful for five years.

“It's a table, a touchscreen, it's socialization,” said Esseryk. “The table is right in the lobby area next to the bar.”

It's ideal for parents with kids who want to have a drink at the bar. “The parents can relax and enjoy themselves, while the kids are working or playing on the table.  At the test pilot in New York, the parents are playing at the table too. Until now, Novotel had a segregated kids' corner—they should have a location next to the parents.”

Esseyk noted that anyone can use the tables — they're not strictly limited to hotel guests.

The first of the “Play” digital tables are being installed this summer,
with a big rollout that includes Canada's seven Novotels in 2015. In addition to the New York installation, Novotel plans 10 pilot projects mostly in European cities including Paris, London, Milan and Amsterdam, followed by Casablanca, Rio di Janiero, and Brussels.