ORHMA: Smoking and vaping in hotels

TORONTO – ORHMA recently met with the Ontario Legalization of Cannabis secretariat to discuss the Cannabis Act 2017 and its supporting regulations that will come into effect on Oct. 17, 2018. Here is their take on the topic.

As many
members in the accommodation sector question the logistics of managing the use
of cannabis in the hospitality industry, ORHMA will be hosting a webinar or
teleconference with members to discuss cannabis in the workplace and its
recreational use in our sector. This webinar will be hosted in September 2018
and ORHMA will soon distribute invitation and details to members.

Once the Cannabis Act, 2017 is in force, individuals will be able to use recreational cannabis in private residences, including the outdoor space of a home (e.g. a porch or back yard), in a unit or on a balcony of a multi-unit residence, subject to a building's rules or a lease. Ontarians will not be able to use recreational cannabis in any public places, workplaces, motor vehicles or boats.

The Cannabis Act, 2017 and its supporting regulations, will permit registered guests or invited guests of registered guests to use (e.g. edible) recreational cannabis in a hotel, motel or inn room, provided the room is primarily designated as a sleeping accommodation and the cannabis is not being smoked or vaped. The smoking or vaping of recreational cannabis in a hotel, motel, or inn room will only be permitted for registered guests or invited guests of registered guests if the room is the room is designated as a smoking room, and other conditions which align with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act are met.

The premise of the Cannabis Act, 2017 is to offer hotels the legal right to allow cannabis use in guest rooms. If an accommodations establishment permits smoking in a designated smoking guest room, it is then assumed that guests are permitted to smoke or vape cannabis in such room. Tourists will also be subject to these same rules. Should a hotel wish to draft its own policies of not permitting the use of cannabis in designated smoking rooms, it is recommended that legal advice is obtained and legal counsel is involved.

To read more on the Ontario regulations go to: https://www.ontario.ca/page/cannabis-legalization

Article courtesy of ORHMA.