Western Canadian Lodging Conference

VANCOUVER — Big Picture Conferences’ annual hotel investment conference for western Canada has a new name.  It’s now simply called the Western Canadian Lodging Conference.

Keynote speaker Leonard Brody.

Keynote speaker Leonard Brody.

VANCOUVER — Big Picture Conferences’ annual hotel investment conference for western Canada has a new name for the third time since it started in 2008. The new name is short and to-the-point, and hopefully it will stick!  It’s now simply called the Western Canadian Lodging Conference.

“Back in 2008 it was called the Canadian Resort Investment Conference, as the content solely focused on the expansion and development of resort product in Canada,” explained Big Picture Conferences’ Orie Berlasso.

“In 2010, we changed the name to the Western Canadian Hotel & Resort Investment Conference to broaden the appeal and provide more breadth to the program; however, that name and the acronym WCH&RIC proved to be quite the mouthful.  We thought a simpler title was in order, it just made sense to make it easier for everyone.”

No matter what the name, the conference, held Oct. 5-6 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, is still a gathering place for the who’s who of Canadian lodging investments. 

New features this year

Berlasso said there are some new features this year.

“We are bringing our ever so popular Let’s Make a Hotel Deal to the main stage instead of a breakout session.  Our moderators (and part-time game show hosts), Brian Flood and Greg Kwong, will lead this interactive and entertaining session taking us  through valuation approaches for a range of existing and proposed hotels and resorts in Western Canada.”

Of all the Big Picture Conferences events, this show has seen the strongest growth in participation from both attendees and sponsorship support.  

Back in 2008, the event attracted 150 people and seven sponsors. Today the conference welcomes 300 industry executives from both resort and urban lodging sectors and 35 partnering companies who generously contribute to its success.  

“Many of the sponsors hold spin-off meetings and client functions around the date of the conference, which increases the networking and business value of the Western Canadian Lodging Conference,” Berlasso said.

Controversial Keynote

Leonard Brody is a venture capitalist,  award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, and a two-time Emmy-nominated media visionary who is consistently ranked as the No. 1 speaker on conference programs.  

He has been called “a controversial leader of the new world order” by BC Business magazine. 

Brody’s new talk, “The Great ReWrite,” explains the fundamental shift in the way we view business and how models for success are being rewritten by smaller players from the bottom up, and not by incumbent brands. 

He has seen that large organizations, such as Kodak and Blockbuster, are not good at responding to change. As a result, they got written out of history. 

The whole point of the talk is to try and give people a framework, so they can understand what’s going on around them. 

Brody will talk to the audience about the things they can do to be defensive and actually structure their businesses in a way that keeps them competitive.