DineSafe targets guest safety and confidence

TORONTO — To understand how to best navigate this unprecedented time and support restaurant and foodservice operators, the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association (ORHMA) has been working closely with industry leaders, government agencies, technology experts, legal advisors, and key supply partners. Together, they have developed best practices to help guide your safe and successful reopening.  

Focusing on processes that protect staff and guests and exceed health and safety expectations, this guide aims to provide the roadmap to restaurant recovery. By following these recommendations, operators can each design safe, welcoming spaces that inspire public trust, so that the industry can not only survive but thrive. 

This practical guide to reopening is organized in the flow of a typical guest experience, and it outlines required and desired health and safety deliverables, as well as elements that operators should consider for their particular operations. 

While operators may have to modify our approach and update our spaces, two core elements of the business remain: A dedication to looking after teams and guests; and a mission to provide safe and memorable dining experiences—ones guests want to return to and want to tell others about. Today, more than ever before, the industry can demonstrate their collective commitment to hospitality excellence. 

ORHMA is also in the process of developing a significant resource guide for both restaurants and lodging for products, services and support operators will need to transition to a new approach to operations. Should you know of reliable companies which would like to be considered for inclusion in the resources listing, please have them contact Jason@abovethelinesolutions.com.

President and CEO, Tony Elenis, shared that “we are currently in discussions with the province about  the potential of securing their support in launching the DineSafe brand as a public awareness and confidence campaign to help the industry more quickly build trust and recover. While currently in preliminary considerations, we are hopeful that an industry leading program could result”

Recognizing the situation is quickly evolving, ORHMA is continuing to collaborate with the Province of Ontario, as well as other industry suppliers and specialists, and will continue to provide industry with updated tools and resources which can be accessed at www.DINESAFE.ca which is in the process of development.   

“On behalf of the ORHMA team and board of directors, the hospitality industry should know that we are here to assist in any way we can” adds Elenis.


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