Top Hotel Renovation Trends of 2020


Cleanliness and sanitation are top priorities in hotel design. Photo: Karolina Grabowska.


VANCOUVER — COVID-19 has inspired some interesting trends in hospitality, shifting the focus from pure leisure and comfort to cleanliness and sanitation. Of course, hotel guests still want to feel relaxed when they travel, but a part of that has become confidence in the safety of their hotel. Hotels will have to adapt if they want to remain competitive in this new market. 

Luckily hoteliers, designers, and tech experts have come up with a myriad of hotel innovations designed to carry the industry through the pandemic and beyond. 

Many hotels have already transitioned to touchless room keys, with some even making the switch before the COVID-19 pandemic. Because guests now carry their own mobile devices, remote room keys are more practical than physical keys by far. However, after using your touchless room key you still have to turn a door handle. What if you didn’t? We will likely see a trend of touchless door handles that either open automatically when unlocked or can be handled using a foot or arm. This innovation will allow guests to move safely and effortlessly through the hotel without a fear of picking up germs on the way.

Inside the guest rooms, it is no longer satisfactory for the room and bathroom to be clean, it needs to be completely sanitized from the guest before. That means that carpets, porous surfaces, and shower curtains will be replaced with more easily sanitized products such as laminate, stainless steel, and glass shower doors. 

Photo: Edward Jenner.

New, clean, easily sanitized materials don’t have to be stainless steel and glass. Fil Doux Textiles has released a Pro-Tech Plus bleach cleanable finish to go on their Otratex degradable vinyl that makes it easier to sanitize. Their products are created for hotels and cruise ships and specially designed to be long-lasting and durable after heavy use.

From what we know about COVID-19 and other viruses like it, the most important defense in indoor spaces is effective air filtration. This is another feature that hotels will be investing in going forward. While it may not be the most visibly spectacular transformation, a new and effective air filtration system will make all the difference when providing a safe space for people to gather from all over.

Along with new products, innovative platforms are joining the hotel industry, such as (HF). Based in Vancouver, HF is an all-in-one, brand-approved online platform that allows you to conduct renovations and new builds entirely online and faster than ever. Hotel owners can choose from a series of brand-approved design packages, view a 3D digital rendering of their guest rooms re-designed, and choose from brand-approved FF&E items to customize their rooms. A designer will then review your plans, make sure that everything will fit in your rooms and comply with your PIP and brand requirements. has found a way to streamline renovations and new builds by skipping the long and complicated design firm process and ensuring brand-approval from the start to expedite the process.

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