Marilyn Carlson Nelson lauded

Marilyn Carlson Nelson, former Carlson CEO and chairperson emeritus, has
been selected as one of the 2014 Oslo Business for Peace Award honourees. The
award is the highest form of recognition given to individual business leaders
for fostering peace and stability through creating shared value between
business and society.

Carlson Nelson
was nominated by the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) for her leadership in
promoting responsible business practices ranging from advocacy for the
abolition of sexual exploitation of children to guidance of the UNGC as an
active board member.

The five honorees
are selected by an independent committee consisting of Nobel Prize winners in
peace and economics. On May 15, the awards will be presented at the Business
for Peace Summit at Oslo City Hall, in Norway.

In 2007, the
Business for Peace Foundation was established to encourage the willingness of
business leaders to engage with society as partners in developing shared value and
increasing trust between business and society. Since then, the foundation has
promoted the concept of ‘businessworthiness’ as a way to understand how business
leaders can develop trust with communities, contribute to well-being and create
conditions for sustainable development.