Michelle Dias named IHG Canadian marketing manager

TORONTO — InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) announced on Nov. 17 the appointment of Michelle Dias as Canadian marketing manager, public relations and communications.

Dias came to IHG fresh from a job doing public relations and marketing for the Pan Am Games in Toronto. “I love working with Canadian brands, and IHG has a great presence across Canada,” she said, adding that the Pan Am Games were very exciting.

“My role is taking care of all the public relations, social media and internal communications. I’m doing a lot of social media training at the hotel level on how to communicate and engage with guests and continue that relationship.”

The other part of her job deals with the IHG brand profile in the media.

Dias is originally from Kenya, but she has lived in Canada her whole life. 

“Travel is one of my top passions,” she said, adding that she enjoys dealing with an international company and with PR people across the globe who share her passion.