Patricia Brusha joins… but she's still a Chick

MISSISSAUGA—Patricia Brusha, best known as half of the A Couple Chicks duo, has a new role at, but she's still a Chick, and Online Revealed will go ahead as usual next Spring.

Patricia Brusha

Patricia Brusha

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MISSISSAUGA—Patricia Brusha, best known as co-founder and principal of the A Couple Chicks duo, has a new role at, but she's still a Chick, still working with partner Alicia Whalen, and Online Revealed will go ahead as usual next Spring.

Brusha got to know Drew Patterson,

Drew Patterson

CEO and co-founder of the online and mobile check-in company, at the Online Revealed conference last April. “When I found out about it, I was so excited. I thought, 'this is the next big thing.' I asked Drew if he needed a representative in Canada, and he said he'd rather make me an employee, so now I have a new job,” Brusha told CLN.

Drew Patterson

San Francisco-based CheckMate powers online and mobile
check-in for hotels and their guests. As a business-to-business software
company, CheckMate makes it easy for hotels of any size to implement
mobile services under their own brand. Their advanced messaging platform is designed to exceed guests expectations and empower staff to provide
better service.

Guest communications are sent out with the hotel’s logo and branding. Hoteliers can control their own look and feel of the guest pre-arrival experience with
options to upload logos, photos, room preferences, and more.

It's a mobile check-in platform, not a download, Brusha noted. “A few years from now, kids will be saying, 'you mean you actually had to stand in line to check in?' It's a guest experience management tool, or a GEM. Every hotel will want to have a GEM,” she said.

CheckMate integrates with the hotel property management system. Twenty-four hours before the guest's arrival, their reservation is confirmed using a branded e-mail message. Guests can state their preferences, noting whether they are arriving early, want a high floor, or are interested in upgrading from their original room choice. The hotel can also offer ancillary services such as golf or spa bookings. There's an opportunity for the hotel to offer the guest special perks if they are a loyalty club member, and the opportunity to join if they are not a loyalty member.

From the guest's point of view, they are controlling their guest experience before, during and after their stay. If there's a priority line or concierge desk, they can go directly there, show their ID and get their key. They are also able to keep in touch with a guest experience manager during their stay.

While some major hotel chains offer an app with some of the same services, CheckMate's advantage is that it can communicate with third party online travel agencies (OTAs). Normally, the OTAs do not share e-mail addresses with hotels.

Not only can CheckMate connect with the OTAs, but they can share useful information about the guest and their preferences. On the hotel side, CheckMate offers profiles of the guest who is arriving, their photo from Facebook, their TripAdvisor reviews. integrates with Orbitz, and other OTAs, and is just rolling out They are starting to integrate room selection technology as well.

The return on investment? CheckMate estimates that guests who use it average $7 to $20 per room in upgrades, and that there is a 30 per cent adoption rate among eligible guests.

“On the hotel side, there's a whole missed opportunity,” said Brusha. “People are getting used to what the airlines are have done—they are getting used to paying extra.”

In other news, Brusha, co-founder and principal of A Couple of
Chicks and Online Revealed, was inducted into Meetings + Incentive Travel’s Hall of Fame at a special live
presentation on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 during IncentiveWorks, Canada’s leading
meetings, events and incentive travel trade show and conference.

Brusha is the first inductee in the program’s new Big Idea
category, which was created to honor an individual supplier or planner who has
come up with and implemented an idea that has significantly improved the
productivity, profitability, culture and/or operational systems of the specific
company/business they work for or own and/or the industry.

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