Skål presidents past and present

HAMILTON—Skål International Hamilton held its annual Christmas party last month at the Hampton Banquet Hall. Presidents of the local and Canadian Skål groups (past and present) were on hand for the celebrations.

Shown here are Michael Paralovos, incoming president of 2014 Skål International Hamilton Club; Rolf Schwartje incoming president of Skål International Canada (SICAN) 2014; Tracey Nurmi, president of Skål International Hamilton 2013; Lloyd Beazley, president Skål International Canada (SICAN) 2013/2014 and president North American Association of Skål Clubs; and Frank Vismeg, former president Skål International Toronto North 2010/Skål International Hamilton.

Skål is a professional organization of tourism leaders around the world, promoting global tourism and friendship. It has approximately 20,000 members in 450 clubs in 85 nations and regions. There are 17 Canadian clubs.