Super 8 Kelowna teams up with Brutus

Earlier this month in Kelowna, legendary wrestler Brutus

KELOWNA—Earlier this month in Kelowna, legendary wrestler Brutus “T


he Barber” Beefcake starred in an event called Kelowna Invasion, featuring 14 wrestlers in a battle royal. Super 8 Kelowna was one of the sponsors, providing seven rooms for Brutus, his manager and other wrestlers and some cash.


“It was a stressing event, but it went over well,” said Ben Hechter, hotel GM. “In the middle of the summer, I was approached by the Costco marketing manager asking if I would like to participate in a big wrestling foundation promotional evening benefiting Children's Miracle Network.”

The event was a success, with Costco raising $7,000, which was matched by a financial services company for a total of $14,000.

“Brutus is still a big, tough-looking guy—I wouldn't want to mess him up,” said Hechter. “He does a couple of events every month, and it was so nice to have him as part of this one.”

As part of the deal, the hotel had a sponsor's table where they could give out flyers promoting the hotel. “We hope to get some benefit from it,” said Hechter, adding that the Super 8 name was mentioned at least four times during the pre-show activities.

“It was a good time. There was one gentleman who was 100 years old sitting in the front row and he was right into it,” said Hechter. “At the same time there were mothers with babies—it was literally an event for people one to 100.”